Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

 We love pretty pictures by talented artists like Jacqui Oakley
not just on Thursdays but all week round.

Ell-Leigh Loves:
  • This week I've decided to try a few more of the recipes in the Crazy Sexy Diet book, and so far it's gone great! On Monday I had raw veggie "noodles" in a Thai inspired "peanut" sauce and yesterday I tried the Sweet Potato and Bean burgers - they were so good.
  • Reading is on my list again this week, I hit the library yesterday and one of the books I took out that I've started reading is No Impact Man: Saving the Planet One Family at a Time by Colin Beavan, and so far it is a really interesting and entertaining read. I'm also about 100 pages from the end of Small Island by Andrea Levy, this book just keeps getting better! It's just such an interesting book.
  • Watching movies is my third thing I've loved this week. Work has been really slow for me this week which has left me with plenty of spare time, so I spent Tuesday afternoon watching Dracula and Everything Is Illuminated, before I hit the video store and spent the evening watching Supersize Me for the first time... When I don't watch movies often I sometimes forget how much I love them!

 cake cake CAKE! 
(sourced from the impeccably pretty Hard to Remind, Impossible to Forget)

Lauren Loves
  •  Hot Chocolate - Here in oz hot chocolate drinking weather is finally upon us again! After a ridiculously humid summer which made hot beverages seem a choice of the insane, autumn has brought with it drizzly days and cool(ish) breezes, and once again hot chocolate getting is at the top of my to do list. If all my drinks came with the hot chocolate cakes featured above, well then, that would just be heaven.
  •  Lemon tree lemon tree lemon tree!! - Last week I mentioned how excited I am about growing tomatoes, you can only imagine how excited I am to be growing lemons! Given my history of going through a serious number of lemons, this bit of gardening should be an exercise in thriftiness as well as tastiness.
  • Getting organised – I love to feel organised but, alas, I’m naturally not so good at it. I’m not a very visual perfectionist kind of person, so putting things away in their place isn’t always my first priority. I am a big planner and a big dreamer, however, and once the two combine I’m often left with a room that looks like it’s been mercilessly anti-robbed, where people have come in and dumped pointless stuff everywhere instead of taking any away. This week I’ve put my foot down, though, and have really begun getting everything together. Mercury being in retrograde and all, this isn’t the opportune time to let my organisation slip.

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