Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

Ell-Leigh Loves

  • Crazy Sexy Life - although the detoxing has been less than fun, I think there is a bright shiny new me waiting round the corner cheering me on through it. I've got way more energy, plus eating all these fresh veggies is making my tummy feel great! 
  • First Sushi Train Experience - loved it! (Although it's slightly less Crazy-Sexy-Friendly, what with all the white rice, but it was close and I've otherwise been doing really well.)
  • My TomTom app - which has been helping me drive around my new, thus far unknown city. Really useful last night until my phone died - luckily I knew where I was going at that point though!
  • 90's music - this week "Every Time You Cry" by Human Nature, featuring John Farhnam has made a huge comeback. Some would call that embarrassing, I just call it awesome.

Lauren Loves
  • Raspberry coloured things! 
  •  Domestic disasters (oven exploding) leading to happiness (new & shiny oven!)
  • Clearing off my desktop – I’m a big clutterer of both real and non-real spaces, my computer desktop always taking the hit. This week I cleared off a trillion icons and sticky-notes, and boy oh boy does it look lovely.  
  • Sweet red wine after dinner + mint choc chip ice cream cones. Together they make an unbeatable combination of happy.
On Japan –

Both Ell-Leigh and I have been incredibly saddened by the awful news coming out of Japan this week. Having visited Japan twice and studied Japanese language and culture for years, it’s hard to believe that there could be so much devastation in a place so peacefully beautiful in my memories. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people and everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

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