Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy Sexy Update: Week One

WARNING: This article contains over-sharing. Over sharing about poop, and other things.

Day Two:
Today I felt lame, really lame. Tired, out of sorts, exhausted – this wasn’t helped by the fact that I spent all day craving food that wasn’t what I packed in my to-go lunch and dinner bag since I was working away from home all day til 8. Working hard at work while working hard at detoxing is FREAKIN’ hard work, let me tell you.

Day Three:
Today was fine until I went a little off script for dinner – I was just going to not eat until I got home, but when I got there I was so hungry, and I’d never been to a sushi train before, so I incorrectly thought they might have some brown rice options, but alas they did not. So white rice was eaten, but otherwise I ate crazily and sexily. And I felt fabulous too!

Day Four:
Felt great today, especially after I had some raw organic 70% cacao chocolate! I ate a little too much of it, to be honest, but then there are much worse things I could have eaten, and this time last week I would’ve been eating them instead! Have developed a bit of an itchy rash on my neck and chest, and pimples on my face that seem to have come from the deepest reaches of my skin…

Day Five:
Went a little off script today as well, with some Vegan gluten free ice-cream and a few organic corn chips – this sounds bad, but it really was a very small amount of what I ate today, and I’d gone out on the town with friends, which lead to many other alcoholic temptations from which I abstained. Otherwise I avocado’d, baby spinach’d and quinoa’d it up, and felt great as a result!

Day Six:
Woke up feeling really lousy. Didn’t meditate or exercise, but after a while I found a strange focus and energy that I really otherwise wouldn’t have in the morning, which lasted most of the day. Watched the doco Food Matters, since Gala Darling had mentioned it in a recent post – very interesting, some food for thought as they say – and it’s given me a little more motivation for this Cleanse.

Day Seven:
Today is juice fast day, and I’ve started adding dried barley shoot powder I bought yesterday to my juice. Drinking lots of water and limejuice, like a pro! Went fruit and veg shopping and added some new ingredients to my juices, including beetroot and romaine, although the ever-elusive kale still remains out of my grasp. I think it might not be kale season. Have, uh, discreetly eliminated a lot of waste today. Yeasty Beasties seem to have been conquered. I’m drinkin’ juice and takin’ names.

Day Eight:
Eliminated a lot of waste today. A LOT, of waste. Most of my morning was spent on the throne eliminating waste, in fact. Not too much fun, but necessary, and a little bit strangely-fascinating since I only ate one solid meal yesterday (where did it all come from? Do I really want to know??). Meditation today was a lot easier than before. Have booked a massage for next weekend with some friends so that is something to look forward to!

OVERALL, this week has been great. Since last Saturday I’ve shrunk by 2 kilos, and despite this morning’s tummy upset I’m generally feeling really awesome. I don’t feel tired or sluggish and am really focussed and energised, despite having a lot to do and only a little time to do it in over the next few days. One week down, two to go!

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