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Special Guest Post: Pretty faces... A Lush Product Review.

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Being a Lush first timer can be a bit tricky, especially when all of the products look like bars of soap and the staff are all too busy with other customers to show you the ropes. With tubs of potions lining the walls and more bath bombs than you can jump over Lush can be a little intimidating if you don’t have anyone to introduce you to some of the wonderful products their store offers. So never fear, as Ell-Leigh and a special guest writer (her charming sister Stevie) have reviewed some products so you won’t break into a sweat or fall victim to a panic attack when you feel as though the bubble bar table is caving in on you. No matter your skin type, we’ve got it covered, since I, Ell-Leigh, have a fairly normal to dry skin type, where as Stevie has a oily skin which is “riddled with angst”... So that's why this article might seem a little - two-faced! ha.

Ell-Leigh reviewed;

Oatifix Fresh Mask
Although it may look as though you’re wearing the make up that accompanies the role of “The Leper” in a primary school Easter play, your skin will be both joyful and triumphant as ‘Oatifix’ resurrects your face. After five to ten minutes with this mixture of oats, banana, vanilla, almonds and other super ingredients on your skin, it will be moisturised, soft and your tummy will be making the rumblies that only a hot bowl of porridge can satisfy. Enjoy looking stunning while eating your oats, and repeat in 3-4 days.

Full of Grace Serum Bar
Having been recommended an earlier Lush serum bar by Lauren, I tried this with high expectations, and I wasn’t let down. Although it feels lightly oily at first, it quickly sinks into the previously tired dry skin leaving it happy and beautiful. After a few uses blemishes on my face seemed to be healing a lot quicker, some even over night. Warning: Keep this product in the fridge (and away from hot hair straighteners) as it melts really, really easily. Conclusion; if you want that gorgeous pregnant glow without the trouble of actual offspring, finding someone to sleep with you or those messy paternity tests, get thee one of these serum bars, pronto.

Baby Face Cleanser
My face can get really dry. It’s dry naturally, and when I’m driving around a lot the car air conditioning doesn’t do me any favours. I thought I was using the most gentle cleanser available, and thought that the dry, almost scaly patches on my cheeks were just my cross to bear, but then here came Baby Face to the rescue. It takes off make up in a flash and cleans up blemishes in a single bound. If the thought of your face feeling a little oily after cleansing makes your insides squirm a little, skip this one and find an alternative, otherwise, if you’re sick of dry tight cheeks and sallow looking skin, quick spot to the Lush store to get this little life saver.

Stevie reviewed;

Cupcake Mask
Alright, lets start off with the mask-of-all-masks. Although slightly reminiscent of cookie dough, but more like mud ( is mud), this mask is amazing for oily/teenage/in a love-hate relationship skin type. I may be slightly reserved when it comes to putting mud on my face in most situations, but with this stuff the more the merrier! Best applied with something other then your fingers (this stuff is a pain to get out from under nails), slather over all and any problem areas. It may leave you looking slightly like a cupcake, but who cares?! This stuff is worth the possible humiliation (this includes mud wrestling jokes). Better then any clay mask, this stuff helps calm the red tones in your complexion while reducing breakouts and oil levels. The day after you will wake up looking calm and collected. Apparently all my skin has ever been asking from me is for me to get down and dirty with it (dirty, mud - you see what I did there!). For really oily skin use twice a week.

WARNING!: This stuff seriously gets everywhere (or that could just be me) so put it on over a sink. Also, when you start getting to the bottom of the pot, the mixture becomes thicker and less moist so a bit of water can get it moving again.

Tea Tree Toner Tab
These little guys have saved my life. I love them. They say 'for toning teenage, troubled and traumatised skin', and man, was my skin traumatised before it met these hotties. Now life without them would be traumatic. Best used before a mask and after cleansing, if you have the stamina for it they can also be used EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN DAY!! How amazing is that. Also, the water afterwards can be saved and used as a toner/refreshing mist, so it's like two products in one. With a generally calming effect (for both your skin and you) expect to feel like you've just taken a nice hot shower and now you're just waiting to hop, skip and jump into bed (not that I condone such behaviour).

WARNING!: This product does involve the use of steam, so try not to burn yourself with it. That's just no fun.

Coal Face Cleanser
Although this cleanser does smell mostly like liquorice (which I despise - no black jelly beans for me, thanks) and leaves my face 'squeaky clean' (literally), it does actually work. Getting the bubbles going can sometimes be a problem, and if you are having a breakout this stuff can dry those areas up just a bit too much sometimes, but in general the Coal Face Cleanser is brilliant to use. No need for double washes, use this cleanser once and you are done. Also, there is no risk of spillages. That's right, this product is spillage free! Coming in a handy bar form this baby can go anywhere! (Are you sold yet?)

The 'Fruity moisturiser to liven up oily skin'. Although this may look like 'just another cream', with a lovely citrus-y scent and 'happy' feel, it is anything but. On your skin it is fairy light and great for mopping up the oil before you put on makeup. You don't need much, just a dab or two and you're done, so a tub of this stuff will go the distance. Sinking into your skin the moment you put it on, it's like you're wearing nothin' at all (nothin' at all....nothin' at all. Stupid sexy Flanders).

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