Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome - About Us

Once Upon a Time, in a land far, far away, there lived two girls, named Lauren and Ell-Leigh. They dreamed of changing the world, one awesome step at an awesome time. Awesomely.

(Here’s some background: far, far away is actually Brisbane, Australia, and once upon a time is actually right now. We are Lauren and Ell-Leigh, and we like to write articles that we hope will entertain, enlighten and other e-words that could be in place of ‘awesome’.)

They met one fateful afternoon in a cement dungeon (university) where they would spend their next three years, learning about magic! (theatre and film), hunting! (boys and dating) piracy! (actual swashbuckling), gallivanting and being merry in general. They were joyous days. The two shared a bond of friendship that only grew stronger over the tests of the following years.

Then their days at magic school (university) were finished.  Out in the wilderness (adult life) they flourished, going on many adventures and conquering strange and exotic lands (like, overseas even).

They liked easy thrills. They had empty pockets.

This is their story. (We’re making a joke here, don’t think this line is legit, there isn’t going to be any more narrative on this website) 

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