Monday, February 28, 2011

January in Review

Things Ell-Leigh Loved
I’m not gonna lie, I’m an Apple addict. I adore my iMac, have stayed loyal to my 3rd gen 30gig iPod Classic for years. So getting an iPhone when my last mobile went missing felt kinda like coming home. Now I’m App crazy, setting my sleep measuring alarm, getting my jog on with my run keeper app, inhaling with delight as instructed by my yoga app. I’m in heaven.

Hottest 100
Unlike many Triple J listeners I usually don’t enjoy about 65% of the music in the Hottest 100s. I usually spend the day huffing about in disappointment when such and such a band is playing, being bored during the metal songs, wishing Australia’s taste was more like mine. However, this year’s Hottest 100 had me cackling (yes, cackling) between songs with it’s hilarious commentary. Has the commentary always been this thigh-slappingly entertaining? I don’t remember. But this year I was tres, tres impressed my friends.

Despite La Nina taking it out on my state like a PMSing fourteen year old scene girl, I have for the most part been enjoying summer this January, with evening picnics in the park as the sun sets, going for walks in the mornings and enjoying the smell of afternoon rain. Not having to wear sweaters all the time is nice too.

Things Lauren Loved

From what I've seen over the past month, Sweden must be the place of Gods. Well decorated, colour coordinated Gods with incredible (terrible) diets. Going to Ikea was a trip in my adult life rated akin to something like going to Disney Land as a child; I had to stop short of taking a photo of myself arms splayed in front of the I K E A yellow letters at the entrance. So far I only own a lamp (hand blown and cut glass! From Sweden!) from Ikea, and one hundred tea light candles, but I have my eye on numerous fancy chairs including something called a ‘Poang’. I've also collected three or four Ikea pencils and two tape measures (for free!) and partaken in some of that famed, heartily cheap Ikea food which I’ve then assured myself has been walked off around the Ikea track. Yay Ikea!

I wouldn’t like to describe myself as a tired person, because with tired I link the word haggard and I don’t like that, but this summer I found myself desiring ‘rest’ like never before. Perhaps it was the outcome of my first year out in the ‘real world’, working and surviving on my own, but quiet Sunday afternoons spent laying about and reading, midday naps and quiet tea breaks became a necessary part of my usually hectic schedule this summer and I plan to keep it up. Work life balance achieved? Awesome.

Living Alone
In January my two housemates were lucky enough to be away working and travelling during one of the toughest months our city and state have had for many years. Knowing I would spend most of the summer alone excited me in November and I did indeed enjoy my time of eating only my favourite foods, completely hogging the television and getting changed with the door open. When it came to flood time, however, suddenly being alone was not such a fun prospect. In the face of possible evacuation I imagined myself sleeping alone on the floor of a school hall, not knowing a soul, and suddenly wished my friends were there. In the end I just spent four days inside my house, incredibly lucky with working power, water and internet, and experiencing a little bit of cabin fever. Many people say that everybody should live alone at some point, and I agree and will probably choose to again in the future, if only for the way it makes you appreciate having other people around when they are. 

Our January Playlist
Book Song - Sally Seltman 
Bleeding Love – Mystery Jets 
iFly – Ball Park Music (free download!)
Dreaming of Another World – Mystery Jets 
Mace Spray – The Jezabels
Colours– Grouplove 
Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Summarize – Little Birdy
Bring Night – Sia 
After Dark – The Count & Siden (feat. Mystery Jets) 

Things We’re Looking Forward to in February
Seeing Wicked
Ell-Leigh is moving to Brisbane! WHOO!
Spending Valentines Day Single and Fabulous!
The Oscars

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