Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Sexy Update: Week Two

DAY NINE: Today, if there’s something to be pissed off at, I’m pissed at it, with an enthusiasm and fury like never before. I’m pissed at my bank. Pissed at my GPS. Pissed at the fuzzy caterpillars on the sidewalk. Pissed at the smell downwind of the pet store that makes me miss my puppy. Most of all I’m pissed off at all the freakin’ restriction on my diet – went to dinner with my sister and my dad and ordered side servings of salad and broccoli as they were the only vegan and gluten free things on the menu. Conclusion: Italian restaurants aren’t very Crazy-Sexy-Friendly, and I may have some bottled up unresolved anger issues I was previously unaware of.


DAY TEN: Despite the awful vomiting and everything else that happened last night due to what locals are calling ‘flood flu’, this morning I awoke feeling surprisingly fresh and hydrated. Perfectly well apart from a severely sore, rather swollen throat and queasiness at the thought of eating broccoli, salad and other fresh vegetables I saw for an unfortunate second encore the evening before. I spent the morning sipping on coconut water (nature’s Powerade) and had a few rice cakes and some red papaya for lunch, but couldn’t resist the craving of tomato soup for dinner (my go to comfort food when I’m sick) with some bread, and a little mac and cheese. So clearly, today was neither crazy, nor sexy, but when you’re feeling like crap what you want is comfort, and you can only find that in things that are familiar, and hey, vibrantly green juice just isn’t quite commonplace yet. Will be back on top of it tomorrow.

Other things I should mention: face was incredibly blotchy today, no bumps or blemishes, but flushed, most of the time. This is very odd. Also, had a headache at bedtime.

DAY ELEVEN: Found today really difficult re: staying true to the 80:20 veggie rule. Have started mentally making a list of foods I’m going to eat as soon as I’m off the cleanse.

DAY TWELVE: Today wasn’t brilliant. Post-Cleanse-Food list is growing.

DAY THIRTEEN: Went very much off-script today, mostly because I was away from home at dinnertime. Was also driving practically all day so managed to get pretty dehydrated in the process. Ate some gluten-free pizza that had a little bit of cheese, and felt pretty awful after I ate it actually…

DAY FOURTEEN: Today was juice-fast day and boy did I drink some juice! All day in fact. Juice and water, yeah! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was! Feeling really good. Proud of myself because I proved I could do it. Massage tomorrow! SO looking forward to it!

DAY FIFTEEN: Ate super well today, including a delicious soba, herb and cucumber salad with my girls after we had a fabulous massage! Felt really great, stuck to the diet like a boss. Also rearranged my pad and set up an at-home-ashram beside my bed for my morning meditation and rituals.

OVERALL, I had a large number of setbacks this week, but I’ve found that the closer I stick to the diet the better I feel and the less I think about the things I can’t eat and the grub I can’t wait to dig into next weekend (croissant, scrambled eggs with cheese, Pringles and a veggie burger with fries from Grill’d being the main culprits). I think that my attitude at the start of the week couldn’t be more different to how it is right now, I really went from hating everything about the diet to embracing it. I’m planning to commit to the diet, exercise and meditation hard core this week and finish in a glorious flourish of splendour like comet burning up in the earth’s atmosphere leaving a streak of sparkles across the night sky. Or something like that.

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