Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

Lauren Loved

  • I’ve mentioned before that I do a little volunteer writing for Life Music Media, and this week I did my first interview which excites me no end. It was an email interview, so it involved doing a little research, compiling some questions and emailing them to the band. Once they reply with answers I do a little editing, maybe put together a blurb for the beginning, and we’re all ready to publish. I’ve always secretly dreamed of becoming a Parkinson like figure, or even an Oprah (on her awesome interview days), and starting off in email format was a nice, relaxed first step.
  • Growing tomatoes! To be honest, I don’t really like eating tomatoes as they are. But I have big plans for the babies growing on my balcony, mainly ideas like chutney and sun-drying and spaghetti bolognaise. At the moment they’re small and green and tiny and incredibly cute (for vegetables…I mean…for fruits!) and the way they get visibly bigger overnight is kind of like magic (can you tell I’ve never really gardened before?)
  • Nail painting. I forget about my nails a lot, which makes the times that I remember them and paint them super exciting! At the moment they’re pink, but they’ve also been orangey-red this week, and there’s a planned transition soon to pastel-y green. 

Ell-Leigh Loved
  • Swimming - my apartment block has two pools, and lately it's been too hot not to utilize them! I never enjoyed swimming as a fitness activity, but lounging around in the cool water is so relaxing on a hot afternoon!
  • Healing Quickly - It's Thursday and already I'm back in the ring after Monday night's bout of Flood Flu. Although I put Tuesday aside for recovery, by Wednesday I was back on my feet and today I was back at the gym. Usually I'm moping about for days when I get a tummy bug!
  • Other awesome things that I love: Using long lost shower products you forgot you had - Getting organised - Finding Crazy-Sexy-options at nearby restaurants that aren't boring - Working Out - Novels that are so creative and beyond your understanding that is blows your mind - This tweet from Kristen Vangsness (@Vangsness):


  1. I always forget how much I enjoy painting my nails!! And I always feel so lovely and feminine after I do. And then I chip them after like 2 hours ;) ah well!

  2. Harvesting your own food is a very satisfying thing to do. Enjoy your tomatoes Lauren.

  3. Liz, yes! They chip so darn easily! Or you have a warm shower and they melt and wonder I'm doing three colours per week!

    And Carol (mum) yes, I shall enjoy the tomatoes. Although I might need to do a bit more growing to get a soup out of them.

  4. Some charlie carp fertiliser will get them going and growing!


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