Monday, March 7, 2011

February in Review

Things Lauren Loved

Doing not Having
This year I aimed to spend my money on doing things rather than having things. So far, it's been a brilliant year. February's doing included seeing theatre shows, stand-up and films, going to picnics, parties, icecream dates and boardgames nights, reading books, eating out and wild dancing nights. There's also been planning for future doings; buying tickets for the upcoming Brisbane Comedy Festival, Shakespeare shows and a making a whole range of plans for my trip to Melbourne in April. I've also been 'doing' a little maintanence on my car...which technically involves purchasing parts, labour and time but hey, poor old Rodger is the one taking me to all the sweet events I've been attending and so it's time to give a little back.

Eating More Fillingly/Eating for Nutrition
My job involves me usually working seven hours straight without a break, beginning after lunch and finishing in time for dinner. I don't have the opportunity to snack, and so this year eating meals that keep me going has been a must. Through a combination of research (see mainly Sarah Wilson's series on quitting sugar) and trial and error I've discovered that eating meals high in protein and a few decent serves of raw vegetables a day allows me long lasting, stable energy levels. I feel constantly alert, steady and never hit that 'three-thirtyitis' mark. I love those times when you find a pattern that works exactly right for you body! If you're interested, this recent post by Rachel Hills sums up exactly my thoughts on eating and food.

Knowing That Everything Will Work Itself Out
One of the wonderful things about life is the constant state of flux we're all in. The beginning of this year invovled many of my friends taking big leaps into the unknown; beginning new jobs, new study, moving to new places and starting new relationships. After a month of reassuring them all that 'it would all work out the way it was meant to', and fervently crossing my fingers in hope that I'd be right for them, I'm glad to see they are all landing in situations better than they'd even hoped for. It's a nice reminder when your future is looking very unplanned and there are big decisions to be made. 

Things Ell-Leigh Loved

February was a month full of facemasks, body butter and “me time”. Sure, these weekly shopping extravaganzas in Lush may have cost me a large chunk of my paycheck, but it’s hard to frown when your face looks this good – in fact, it should probably be a crime.

Having moved out and in the first week not purchased any “snack foods” I found myself snacking on carrot sticks, green beans and capsicum. I was quickly addicted. The crunch of the green bean, the squirt of the juices! Does food get much better than this? Perhaps, in the form of the Stir Fry I just cooked up. Carrot, Bok Choi, Red Onion, Mushroom… Why didn’t I eat like this all the time?

I spent a lot of time this month getting my bearings (at a few points, quite literally using my iPhone to find north), figuring out where to shop, where to eat, where the heck I was, where I could get a GPS… Brisbane has been glorious, if a little hot for my taste, and allowing me freedoms that can only be found in a “big city”.

The Stories and Sites That Made Our Month

Our February Playlist
I Don't Want to Fall in Love - She Wants Revenge
It's Your Voodoo Working - Imelda May
Gimme Sympathy - Metric
Gone in the Morning - Newton Faulkner
Sawdust Man - Ben Kweller
(I'll Never Be the Same) If We Ever Meet Again - Timberland ft. Katy Perry
Together In Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey
Somebody to Love Me- Boy George and Mark Ronson and the Business Intl
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Things We're Looking Forward to in March
Autumn beginning!
Gardening on balconies and consuming the rewards
Holiday anticipation: April is travel month here at ETEP
Brisbane Comedy Festival
Julius Caesar 


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