Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bag for Every Occasion

Essential Baggery

Having spent three years working in the accessory department at Myer, I know a thing or two about handbags, including how addictive collecting them can be… From experience. Out of my huge collection of handbags I find that a few types are essential with the others just being fashionable extravagances (nothing wrong with that!).

The OUTRAGEOUS day bag
For days when you’re feeling like a Hollywood starlet but don’t feel compelled to put the outfit together, this statement bag never fails with a pair of jeans, flats, a plain top and a cardi – and don’t forget some flamboyant sunglasses to finish the look!

The STATEMENT clutch
For nights when only a little black dress will do, The Statement Clutch delivers quite a punch to your look. Studs, leather and metallic for a rock star, sequins and gems for ultimate glamour or floaty and pretty for something more feminine, these clutches can determine the style of countless sparkling evenings.

Some call this guy the “everyday bag”, or the “default bag”, but I like to think of mine as my reliable sidekick, or like my trusty steed if I were the hero in a cowboy film. This bag has the ability to work with practically my entire wardrobe, is large enough to hold a water bottle and/or novel for the train, without being too bulky or heavy. Look for tans, creams and charcoals if you’re sick of black, or spice it up with a little patent shine.

The most grown up of all handbags, the classy black tote can be found in its natural habitat in the hands of successful stylish ladies across the globe. Often frequenting job interviews, important business meetings and quick plane trips to the big cities of the world, these bags lend a touch of sophistication no matter what your day has been like. Look for styles large enough to fit an iPad/laptop/old-fashioned-notebook/pile of resumes, then dust off those Queen Bee black stilettos and start climbing that career ladder!

Want to look as though you stepped straight off the set of Mad Men? Gone bonkers for that late 60’s look after watching Factory Girl or The Graduate on the weekend? Well, this bag might be your first step to capturing the style of days gone by. Purchased while op shopping long before it was cool, my navy genuine vintage bag gets comments from strangers practically every time I wear it. A vintage bag is an easy and eye catching way to add a little retro glamour to your look.

As the sun sets on the plastic shopping bag, more and more stylish types are spending their hard earned cash on cloth bags reminiscent of the type we had to take on library day in Primary School. These multi purpose practically-anything-holders will be your new best friend at the markets, heading to the pool, taking books to Uni or even going to the library. More resilient than a “green bag”, these are a great way to save the environment, one fashion statement at a time.

Essential Baggery by ell89 featuring round sunglasses

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