Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

Picture by Kim Smith found here.

Ell-Leigh Loves

Documentaries: This week I've watched two docos, last week I watched another two, I think soon I may be "docu-ddicted". I love watching movies, but have always shied away from docos simply because the ones I'd seen had been Michael Moore films which I'm not particularly fond of... But the ones I've watched recently have been really brilliant. "The End of the Line" presents the shocking reality of the world's depleting fish stocks and it's repercussions. The cinematography is beautiful and it's narrated by Ted Danson (of Cheers, Becker and Bored to Death fame). The second was Food Inc, which was a mind-blowing film about how food gets to the supermarkets, and the plight of the American "farmer". Both really eye-opening.

Seeing the family: This weekend my family are heading up the coast to visit my Dad's side of the family for my Aunt's birthday party. I've been looking forward to it for weeks because we barely ever see my Dad's side of the family - quite understandably, they're a 6 hour drive away! Should be a lovely weekend!

Other things I love: my new water-bottle - no need to buy water anymore! Feeling creative and productive! Misfits - awesome show, and I'm loving the soundtracks! Reading! The Hungry Beast youtube channel! Face-masks and pampering!

Lauren Loves

Subscriptions: This week I happily received my first issue of The Lifted Brow in the mail, filled to the brim with readable goodness. I feel like magazine subscriptions are the ultimate luxury, and nothing beats the excited suspense of new issue week when you spend half the day running back out to the letter box to see if it has arrived yet.


Hard Work Paying Off: Remember when I told you about doing my first band interview for Life Music Media? Well, it’s published now!

Other things I love: perfect afternoon weather - finally getting to see and Never Let Me Go
and Boy Girl Wall - quality housemate trashy tv time - strawberry cider - midday hot chocolates - buying special birthday presents for special people - catching up with old friends

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