Thursday, April 7, 2011

Theatre Review: Boy Girl Wall at La Boite

 Now in its third incarnation, Boy Girl Wall has been making waves around Brisbane for a number of years. Creative team Lucas Stibbard, Matthew Ryan, Neridah Waters and Sarah Winter have put together a delightful show for this year’s La Boite season, and boasting sell outs and standing ovations, it seems it’s an event not to be missed.

Boy Girl Wall follows, as the title suggests, the intertwining stories of a boy, a girl and a wall. At just over an hour in duration it’s an exciting ride, containing everything from dramatic battles with demon magpies and computers with complexes to the painfully recognisable annoying bosses and the feeling of dread caused by looming deadlines. It’s a high energy comedy with a love story at its core, and while best suited to a youth audience, Boy Girl Wall has something for everybody. 

Performer Lucas Stibbard does a delightful job piloting this show, and it’s hard to imagine the material bought to life by anybody else. Charismatic and unpredictable, he transitions easily between the role of narrator and the many characters involved in the play. The show has been designed wonderfully, and as it progresses it becomes clear that the seeming simplicity of the set has in fact been calculated meticulously to act as a literal drawing board for Stibbard as creates the world of the story around himself.

With references to ‘The Pixies’, obscure dress up parties and bicycles complete with baskets and tassels, Boy Girl Wall nails the trends of current youth pop culture, but does so without being overly kitschy or elitist. It is a really solid, entertaining show and the hard work put in to its development over the past few years seems to have paid off. Brisbane audiences, I highly recommend you take the chance to see it now, everyone else, start crossing your fingers for tours and later productions. 

Boy Girl Wall plays at La Boite until April 17, tickets available here.

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