Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things We Love Thursday - Travel Edition!

We're going on holidays!! Tickets picture found at the lovely The Design Files.

 New travel goal: to eat pizza in as many countries as possible? Picture found at Black*Eiffel.

Things Lauren Loves About Travel: 

Packing! - I’m a list maker at heart and I started planning what I would take on my trip to Victoria weeks ago. Because it will be much colder there than it currently is here in Brisbane, I bought a couple of new winter dresses and shirts which I will be very excited to wear on the trip. Finally this week I’ve been able to start putting it all in the suitcase without seeming a bit obsessive.

New perspective – going to different places always helps me garner perspective on my life back home. It helps me see things with fresh eyes, rearrange my habits and kick behaviours that only hinder my life from being awesome to the curb.

Relaxation – It’s been literally years since I’ve actually gone away on a relaxing holiday, if I don’t count going back home and staying with my family for Christmas. As well as partying hard (the reason I’m heading down is for my Aunt’s Hollywood Glamour themed 40th), I’m planning on getting in lots of reading, food sampling, show seeing and generally living the good (slow) life. I’ve had to stop myself from pre-cramming the days with planned activities, instead I shall be attempting to go with the flow a little bit more.

Little travel things I’ve loved – the feeling of potential and excitement pulling out a big empty suitcase, printing out Melbourne maps and highlighting everywhere I’m going, dreaming about the deeelicious food I’ll be eating, making travel playlists, deciding which books to pack (books, I find, always set the tone of the holidays), getting organised at work so I can go away stress free, tidying my bedroom so it’s lovely to come back to, clearing my camera so I can take zillions of photos.

Things Ell-Leigh Loves About Travel:

Planning - I love sorting out all of the things I'm taking with me, and planning my hydration schedule (lots of water, coconut water and green juice!) so that I don't spend my first few days in Hawaii all dried up and feeling terrible. Packing is one of my favourite things to do, not only are you ensuring you have everything you need but it's a practice in appreciating the things you have that will go with you, and appreciating the journey you're about to take!

Shopping - Oh boy, I've waited so long for this holiday to come, not only because of the awesome sights I'll get to see, the beaches I'll get to lounge on and the cocktails I'll get to drink out of pineapples, but also because of the shopping. I haven't bought any new clothes for such a long time because I've been waiting until I get to go outlet shopping in Hawaii. And with the Aussie Dollar so strong against the Greenback, I can't see why not! New jeans and sunnies, here I come!

Little things I've loved this week (not necessarily travel related): Hanging out with my grandparents and chatting about gardening, noise cancelling earphones, neck pillows, my new tub of Ultrabalm from Lush which is so soft on the lips and smells faintly like rose petals, listening to 21 by Adele.

Posting will happen as normal while Ell-Leigh and I both jet set off to our destinations, and you can look forward to photos and tales of Hawaii and Melbourne fun times just as soon as we get back. While we’re gone we will also have a special guest writer, the lovely Kate Stark, contributing to some of the articles. Good friend and fantastic writer that she is, we couldn’t help ourselves from asking her to spread some of her talent around Easy Thrills Empty Pockets. Hooray for Kate, and a big, heartfelt thank you for helping us out!

Voila Kate! (this is not her actual face)

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