Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy Sexy Update: Week Three

DAY SIXTEEN: Today I made the decision that this week I would try as many new recipes from the book as possible (many include ingredients that aren’t available here, even in the finest Health stores, or the recipe requires a vegetable dehydrator. I do not have a vegetable dehydrator.) So today I tried the Thai “Peanut” Sauce Vegetables and it was absolutely delicious! Dusted off an old Yoga dvd and spent 45 minutes of my afternoon bending, stretching and relaxing.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Hit the gym this morning for a really epic cardio work out. Stuck closely to the diet and watched a few movies – generally a great day!

DAY EIGHTEEN: Today I woke up and downloaded a guided meditation, which got me off to a great start this morning! Totally motivated, I hit the library and the grocery store. Made some Southwest Black (red kidney) Bean and Roasted Sweet Potato Burger patties that I ate with some brown rice and guacamole – delicious! It was one of the first meals I’d eaten on the diet where more than just the grains were cooked, and it was a lifesaver, because all morning I’d been craving something hot and savoury. May have had them for lunch and dinner…

DAY NINETEEN: HOME STRETCH E’RBODY! Am really just very excited about finishing this thing. Had another burger or two today, they’re really good!

DAY TWENTY: So close! My skin is particularly glow-y today, and I’m feeling really great today. Have been putting lots of effort into relaxation and meditation in the last few days and it’s really paying off, I feel so Zen.

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Considering this my first day off the cleanse, especially since when I went to the markets this morning the juice lady wasn’t there, so I had a crepe instead, then we had a some baguette for lunch and delicious Grill’d burgers for dinner… And a few drinks after that. Felt really tired and lethargic in the afternoon and the drinks went straight to my head, although that isn’t surprising.

Stay tuned for Crazy Sexy Diet results post tomorrow!

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