Monday, April 4, 2011

March In Review

Things Ell-Leigh Has Loved:

Although I’ve complained about how restricting the Crazy Sexy Diet was, and although it took a lot of effort to clean my juicer almost every day, I really liked the Crazy Sexy Diet and the way I felt when I was on it. It also lead me to discover new foods like raw chocolate – I’m totally addicted! I’ve learnt so much about my body and about food while on this diet that I’m absolutely so thankful for it.
The Markets
This month I’ve hit the West End Markets ( twice and I love it! Not only am I buying fresher produce, but I’m also directly supporting local farmers. Not to mention cutting out the middleman saves me a pretty penny! It’s also a heck of a lot more exciting than spending the morning in a supermarket, the range of food and other products available is huge and really diverse.

Opening My Eyes
This month I’ve had a lot of experiences where I’ve come into contact with someone or something that gave me a small flash of how diversely people think and wide a range of experience there is around us.  Sometimes we get stuck thinking that our friends and relatives all think the same way we do, and that we assume we know what other people are thinking because of a certain way they dress or behave. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes our assumptions give them a lot of credit and the truth of the matter is far worse than we could even think of. Or sometimes we’re just plain wrong. I think making these assumptions is part of how we communicate and deal with being around so many people we don’t really know so frequently, but sometimes, when you learn something beyond those assumptions it just makes you marvel (or at times, sit, absolutely horrified) at the wonder of people.

Things Lauren Has Loved: 

Filling That Dance Card
When I’m busy, my levels of efficiency expand exponentially. It just so happens then, that cramming my social life full of activities allows me to work better. Not a bad perk, in my opinion. This month I’ve been crazy busy, with theatre shows, exhibition openings, comedy festivals, movie dates and night time picnics. I may have pushed it to the limit at times and rued my ever later bedtime, but March proved to be an incredibly productive month for me and I’ve had a ball throughout.  

Workin’ Hard for the Money
Talking about hard work, I set myself the challenge of proving during March that I was up for as much as could be thrown at me, and I was pretty impressed with how I handled most things. There’s not much that can beat the satisfaction of knowing that you can do your job and do it well, except maybe for the satisfaction of doing this for multiple jobs at a time. Next step, world domination.

Planning Actual Plans (Not Pretend Dream Plans!)
It’s nice to dream, and I’m a big dreamer, but it’s much nicer to plan. I’ve been planning mostly for my upcoming trip to Melbourne, buying and printing tickets, designing outfits to beat the inevitable cold (if it doesn’t hit us in Melbourne, there’ll still be no avoiding it in Ballarat, which is our first stop), putting together snazzy outfits for my aunt’s ‘Old Hollywood’ themed 40th, booking rad accommodation and trawling the internet for ideas to fill my itinerary. I’ve also been planning for the coming months and thinking with that mixture of excitement and trepidation about the inevitable job change coming my way over the next year. I’m an embracer of change and I relish in the prospect of something new, just so long as I can carefully plan out every detail in advance!

Links We Loved and Liked To Share

March Playlist

Howlin’ For You  - The Black Keys
Altamont Speedway - My Own Pet Radio 
In the Summer - Loon Lake
The Truth - Pnau 
Hello - Martin Solveig & Dragonette

Things We’re Looking Forward to in April
  • Holidays! - Ell is going to Hawaii with her family, and Lauren is taking a trip to Melbourne!
  • Easter times - chocolate hunts, family and Hot Cross Buns!

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