Saturday, April 16, 2011

How To: Self Esteem

Feeling a little bad about yourself? Maybe you failed a test, ate too much chocolate, lied to a friend or went on an irresponsible spending spree. So how do you fix your lowered self esteem.

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Having good self esteem is hard work and it’s a continual journey. It’s not something that you can fix in ten minutes with a magazine how to guide and a new haircut and it’s not something that once attained you can just forget about. Having good self esteem requires you to prove time and again that you are valuable, beautiful and worthy. 

More than ever before there is an overwhelming social interest in self help, in loving yourself and being happy to be the person you are. Interestingly, there is also major concern building about the number of people with very little self confidence and self worth. The reason why? Self esteem has become a repeat industry, like diet and exercise. The people selling ‘self esteem’ don’t want you to be fixed in the long term or else there would be no business left. They want you to feel good for a little while, drop back down and come crawling back for more of what made you feel so happy. It’s the reason why every girl’s magazine can run ‘How To Be More Confident’ editorials in every issue and the public still lap it up. Self esteem is the new opiate and everyone is selling it.
So how to get out of a self esteem rut for real? The answer is simple in words, intensely difficult in practice; you need to prove to yourself that you actually deserve respect. You have to show yourself that you are something to be confident about, something to bank on and that no one can live life in quite the way that you can. It’s not enough to just think that you are good at something, or just know that you have potential, that you’re a hard worker, that you’re creative and a great team player. You need to live it. It might feel like you’re taking a giant step here, especially if you’re not feeling too great about yourself already, but remember; taking real action is the only way to manifest real, tangible results. We demand of our friends, families and colleagues continual proof that they deserve our love and respect, so why not of ourselves? 

You need to identify exactly why don’t you feel good about yourself. You’re not achieving well in your job or at school? Then show yourself that you can work hard, commit fully and seek assistance until you are. You’re not happy with your appearance? Look firstly at how you’re treating your body; if you’re filling it with disgusting toxic junk or starving it into malnutrition then you’re not exactly taking the steps towards making an appearance that will appeal to you, are you? Taking control of the journey between where you are and where you want to be is the key to coming out the other side as a human being you can respect, love and be proud to be.
So much of our self confidence lies within perception and choice, and so often people work much harder to sabotage their chances than change their reality. The magazines and television shows and the books and the self-helpers don’t want to tell you, but self esteem can be nurtured by you and you alone. Once you start respecting yourself you will find that others do the same purely because you make it an expectation. 

Take control, accept responsibility and enjoy living your life.

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