Monday, April 18, 2011

Product Roadtest: Dry Shampoo

As reviewed by Lauren:

Hair Reviving Dry Shampoo – James Brown London $8.99

This is, and I quote, part of the “the eagerly awaited haircare range by James Brown, inspired by Kate Moss”. Which is an odd kind of juxtaposition, because I’d never really associated Kate with crispy clean locks, but maybe that’s just me.

As I scan down the white can, white to demonstrate just how incredibly clean and pure my hair will soon be, I assume, the first piece of text that catches my eye is at the bottom, where I read “CAUTION Solvent abuse can kill instantly.” This dry shampoo gig just became a whole lot more exciting. Living on the edge, I still decide to give the can a shake and am delighted to hear the metallic ball rattle sound more familiar to spray paint cans than hair products. This is going to be good.

Actually, it’s a bit weird. Not only does the spray leave my hair coated white (the actual proper and expected but still unfortunate side effect) but it also leaves my hair feeling very cold. After following the instructions and waiting the appropriate two minutes, I brush the powder out of my hair and hope that the hair dirt will go with it. Result: well, is it possible that my hair is even silkier than it was? Yes. Am I comfortable with this dry wash technique? Not really. I feel like spraying glorified corn starch on my locks is probably incredibly drying and that my follicles will soon repay me with a mass shed or by changing colour overnight like some horror movie nightmare sequence.

Dry Shampoo – Cedel $6.39

Well, it’s a chip off the price of the James Brown and it’s also using zero wanky description in the title, so I’m already leaning towards Cedel.

Cedel smells like a grandmother’s talcum perfume laced with nose burning acid. I instantly don’t want to put this on my hair. I spray away anyway, and again wait the customary two minutes during which time I ponder if high school drama teachers have cottoned on to the amazing uses dry shampoo could be put to in transforming adolescents into convincing portrayals of the elderly. I brush out the starch goodness still pondering, and am disappointed to see that my hair looks just the same is it did beforehand. It smells a bit though. Result: Disappointed. Cedel, I was rooting for you (pun INTENDED) and you let me down. 

As reviewed by Ell-Leigh:

Poker Straight Dry Shampoo - Lee Strafford $4.19

The first noticeable thing about this product is that it’s packaging is shockingly pink and the text on it includes the use of unnecessary capitalisation, eg , “POKeR STRAiGHT for OilY rOOts”. As I’m not sure I trust a product with such a terrible grasp of how to write normally on my own hair, I enlist the reluctant help of my youngest sister, whose hair was looking a little like shampoo time. When asked what she thought of the scent she replied, “It smells like something I can’t quite put my finger on… Oh, Aerogard. My hair smells like bug spray.” It does kinda smell like bug spray. This could work in it’s favour if you live in a mosquito infested area, although I think most people are unwilling for their hair to smell this way, despite how well the product works.

Dry Shampoo "Boho" - Batiste $4.99

This product leaves the hair soft and shiny and easy to style. Its “heavenly sweet fragrance” is acceptably bland and after application fades away leaving the hair clean and although not smelling great, doesn’t smell terrible either. In fact, it simply no longer smells at all. It’s bright orange and green packaging promises excitement, and its “new on the go size” makes it easy to travel with. Doesn't leave the hair smelling of Grandma's house or pungent anti-insect fumes, or with any unsightly greasiness around the roots. Found my scalp to be a little flaky the following day, but hey, I did need to wash my hair soon anyway. It does it's job modestly, without leaving any evidence - I like it. 

Extra-Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk -  Klorane $6.99

As recommended in number 8 on Gala Darling’s 50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer list, I had very high hopes for this dry shampoo.  It smells pleasant enough, but seems to be a bit tougher to brush out than the other products. My hair is light, fluffy and soft again once it does leave, and it is gentle on my scalp. Although a little pricey for its easy travel size, this guy packs a punch to all that nasty oily-ness, leaving your locks looking as though they’d just come back from the hairdressers. I’ll definitely be taking this one with me on my trip!

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