Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

Right now, I'm loving all things red and knitted (not to mention the site these come lovlies come from). Gloves, hats, blankets, socks...winter can bring it on! 

Just a quick one this week, not because we're both not drowning in things to love, but because we're just so busy with them all!

Lauren Loves:

A list of the little things that I love this week:
multivitamins, cuddly blankets, tasty cheese and snappy crackers, letters from friends, boardgame nights, wardrobe purging, snoozy tea, library time, pretty hair, delicious salmon, easter chocolates and their sparkly wrappings, drinking water by the gallons and weekend anticipation.
Ell-Leigh Loves:
Some of things I'm loving right now (all the way from Hawaii!): shopping, shopping and shopping some more!, reading (Wicked right now, for those with an interest), eating out in wonderful new restaurants, discovering cracker vegetarian meals in a world sometimes not so vegetarian friendly.

And from both of us, to all our new followers, readers and commentors, we're loving you!

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