Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

French Elle, 1970

Things Ell-Leigh Loves:

Sleeping: after a big exciting holiday and a long, sleepless flight home, getting eight hours of sleep is heaven for a weary traveler. Despite Autumn having settled in bringing her cold breezes and less than tropical temperatures while I was away for the last two weeks and the fact that I'm yet to buy a doona for my bed, I still managed to sleep more or less like the dead, and it was lovely!

Being home: Being the total homebody that I am, I love arriving home after a trip away. Being away makes you appreciate the little things like being able to make a salad just the way you like it, not needing wifi to check your emails or having a new book to read nearby without having to buy a new one (although buying new ones are fun too!).

Realising that I've achieved a few of my goals for this year already: At the start of the year I made a list of NY resolutions. Move out (check), see lots of theatre (check), stop buying so much stuff (check) read lots (super check), get a steady well paying job (checkaroo). I've also shrunk a little, revamped my diet to be much much much healthier and I've hit the gym quite a bit. All this and it's only the start of May! I believe they call that winning.

Other things I love: Being Great Takes Time - So Take It, hunting through the internet to find advice about writing and activities and such (like this one) - suggestions are welcome! Washing and putting away all the clothes I bought in Hawaii, having phone signal again, catching up with friends, wearing in my new black glitter Toms, drinking green juice again, Chai seeds, My youngest sister pretending to be a Hawaiian Monk Seal! Peppermint tea from T2, delicious! Hyperbole and A Half's Simple Dog!

Seventeen Magazine, 1967

Things Lauren Loves: 

Being ridiculously busy: Business is next to Godliness, that's the saying isn't it? It is for my week, at least. Choosing to look on the bright side of being busy has allowed me to thrive under pressure, accomplish pretty phenomenal amounts of work and helped me enjoy what I was doing by keeping me in the moment. Can I write a blog, run a business, review music, grow tomatoes, go to the gym and watch every episode of Master Chef? You bet I can.

Work Clothes: Working in professional environment means that sometimes my 'regular' clothes just don't cut it and wearing your favourite clothes to work every day does indeed take away some of their magic. Wearing clothes that make me feel good plays a huge part in how competently I do my job by boosting my confidence and allowing me to 'feel adult', even if sometimes I very much feel as though I'm not! This week I had saved enough money to buy a few more work pieces and I've had fun showing them off and feeling all hoity toity in my money making outfits.

Master Chef!: Ok, so I'll admit it, I'm an extreme sucker for reality television and cooking shows. Combine the two and you've got me hooked. I'm so hooked, in fact, that even though this year I can't watch in the evenings I'm making up the episodes in the mornings after yoga, which is what I call dedication. My picks for winners this year (incredibly early picks that could go very wrong considering we're not even out of top 50 week yet) are Nick and Dani. Yay Nick and Dani!

Little Things I've Loved: Picking my first couple of home grown tomatoes - going to The Wombats' show tonight for free, ahem, to work - Working involving seeing The Wombats - Anticipating a great weekend of Women of Letters, Himalayan food and time to finally get organised - Wearing warm tights and cardigans and celebrating all the chilly weather - Making a Life List - Dreaming of and then discovering that such a thing as The Rory Gilmore Reading List actually exists. I now know what I'll be reading for oh, probably the next decade.

Both of today's images we love come from Cat Cruise.

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