Monday, May 16, 2011

Things to Love About Winter

Boy, is it getting chilly down here! Just last week I spent a couple of hours in my local shopping centre, trying to find a warm, King Sized doona within my quite reasonable price range. They were running out of stock of everything but singles! I usually get pretty bummed about winter, since I have incredibly dry skin and tend to find that if I don't put in lots of time and extra special effort to keep it moisturised it leaves me feeling really uncomfortable and miserable. It's also so cold! Bah!

However, not this year. This year I've decided to focus on the positives, so here is my list:

Six Things to Love About Winter

1. Hot chocolate when your face is so cold it feels like it might drop off. Similarly, hot coffee and hot teas are amazing in winter too, especially when holding the cup keeps your hands warm too!

2. Eating hot, hearty foods. Pumpkin soup with crunchy, thick, buttered toast, veggie and lentil soup, (in fact, most hot soups fall into this category), casserole with dumplings! All of these foods are their most delicious during those long chilly nights.

3. Cuddling up with your doona, tv and someone you love. Whether it be girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, sister, puppy or seven cats, this is a winter past time to look forward to.

4. Coming out of the cold into a lovely warm room. There is nothing like the sigh of relief that your cold limbs release the moment they realise they aren’t out in the cold anymore.

5. Fashion is more interesting and challenging in winter. How do you keep warm? What jacket can I wear with what outfit, where can I get tights that are the right colour and are thick enough to keep my pins from becoming legsicles? Woollen hats, scarves, cardigans, layers and coats, all ready to keep you stylish and cosy at the same time.

6. Slowing down. It’s natural to skip the nights out at clubs for intimate evenings curled in your doona for a Doctor Who marathon or to watch Love Actually, again. Why go out and spend god only knows how long on the train and in line to get into the over priced, smelly club that’s playing bad music when you could be watching the finest British actors of our time in your lovely warm living room? Why indeed?

I'm also planning to try this very promising looking face scrub out, fingers crossed!

image sources / a dessert a day / Veggie Wedgie / McFailish / Mia Marionette / CaitlynCotter

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