Monday, May 30, 2011

Things I Had Somehow Forgotten

The Things You Love Are The Things You Love For a Reason: Namely, because you love them. I realised that I had forgotten this while I was doing some filming for a video I’m including in an upcoming post, and editing it all together. I’d forgotten what a thrill it was to put some kinda lame videos into final cut and then edit them into a masterpiece (or something a bit more polished at least…). I sprang into Stevie’s room with a giant goofy grin on my face after just half an hour of it, begging her to watch the rough cut I’d done so far. I love editing! I love making videos! Is it weird that I’d forgotten that when I love it so much? Or has that happened to you before as well?

How Good Flat Bread Pizza Is. Seriously, I had it for lunch, and then I had it again for dinner. Its amazing how good some veggies, pineapple, pizza sauce and cheese thrown on a linseed wrap and toasted for ten minutes can be. Flat Bread Pizza had always been a regular on my weekly meal planner, but since I Crazy Sexy Diet-ed, it has been conspicuously missing, mainly due to the fact that I'm trying to slowly edge myself closer to being vegan (remembering how good flat bread pizza is (especially with cheese) probably doesn't help this cause...). I especially love throwing avocado on there. Yum yum yum!

    How Much I Love Wes Anderson Films and Why.
    On a whim I decided to throw The Life Aquatic on on Saturday night. Such a gorgeous and clever movie. I have a reawakened need to buy a red beanie, powder blue collared shirt and pants and make myself a Team Zissou uniform. I haven't watched any of his films lately (this year has had a clear lack of re-watching films) so I think the time may have come to watch them all all over again!

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