Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

Amazing illustrations from Brooke Weeber are also something we love!

Ell-Leigh Loves:

Harry Potter. More on that later.

Seeing Old Friends and being incredibly social all week: since last thursday, I've only had one night that I haven't spent doing something exciting with peeps over at my place or partying and doing exciting things in town.

Lauren Loves: 

Harry Potter - obviously. Very little else has been going on in my head this week except for harrypotterharrypotterharrypotterharrypotterHARRYPOTTER. It's been a particularly productive time.

This photo - from when Sophie and I went iceskating. Even though I was really bad at it and fell and hurt myself, it was such a fun evening. I found the photo on my camera when I was looking at the photos from Harry Potter, and I love how happy and wintery we both look.

This video:
which is ridiculous and makes me laugh. You should watch it after going to a mid-week midnight screening and eating an incredible amount of sugar (everything in this post is connected to Harry Potter, by the way).


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