Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Madness!

Unlike last monday, when I had the day almost entirely free to lie in bed and read, today has been the opposite, and since hopping out of bed this morning I've been rushed off my feet. My To-Do list for the day spilled over the post-it note which would regularly be ample room for my day's worth of chores and such, and as I buzzed about the city crossing each of them off I couldn't help but feel incredibly productive.

On top of this feeling of accomplishment and organised-ness, I kept getting ideas for a creative project I've recently thought up. Of course, the ideas come at the strangest, most awkward moments, such as while driving (can't write anything down then, can you?) or in the shower (notepad and pencil don't go down too well in there either), and since I've been so busy today, my mind has been in overdrive, churning out insights into characters and plot points and all of the rest. When I'm sitting at my computer ready for the ideas to come, they generally tend to be off doing something else (ain't that the way?).

So I've almost finished unpacking from my trip up the hill to T'ba the weekend past, and I almost have to start packing for my trip to Hervey Bay and then to Gladstone to see my family this Thursday. I picked up my sister's birthday present this morning (checked off the list) and can't wait to give it to her on friday! She's going to LOVE it. Yay.

How about your monday?

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